Raidsonic IB-PCI215M2-HSL ICY BOX PCIe extension card for 2x M.2 SSDs incl. heat sinks

8 210 Ft
  • Készlet: Rendelhető
  • Várható szállítás: 7-12 munkanap
  • Gyártó: Raidsonic
  • Garancia: 24 hónap garancia
  • Cikkszám: IB-PCI215M2-HSL

PCI-E, 2xM.2

M.2 csatlakozó2

M.2 in all shapes and colours

The IB-PCI215M2-HSL allows you to upgrade your system with up to two SSDs of your choice. Whether particularly large or particularly powerful, every M.2 SSD gets a place here and is used in the best possible way.

Many possibilities thanks to high flexibility

You want to integrate one or two M.2 SSDs into your system, but you have unusual requirements? No problem! Thanks to the modular slot brackets in half and full profile, the IB-PCI215M2-HSL can be used everywhere. Small and large systems can only benefit here.

Keeps a cool head at all times

We have also thought about cooling. Thanks to the passive heat sinks supplied, even the fastest memory cards keep a cool head. One heat sink each for 80 mm and one for 110 mm long, as well as adaptable heat conduction pads for single-sided and double-sided memory modules are included in our package.

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